What Is Blockdaemon?


(The elevator pitch)

Blockdaemon is a simple and quick way to connect to the blockchain world.  Blockdaemon does all the work of spinning up nodes (virtual servers) and scaling decentralized blockchain exchanges. Just three clicks to create and deploy - we do all the heavy lifting and hosting for you, taking away the need to retain blockchain devs. In just a few easy clicks you can be sending and receiving currency transactions on public chains like Bitcoin Ethereum, Aion, or building out your own private network blockchain project. 

Think of Blockdaemon as a car that you can drive to take you to any destination you desire.  

(The deeper dive)

Blockdaemon is a blockchain and cloud agnostic blockchain infrastructure deployment and management platform. We use a combination of Kubernetes and Terraform to define and manage the nodes. Each node is launched from custom images built with Packer and managed on all the clouds we support. Our easy to use dashboard interacts with our infrastructure management micro service API which interacts with cloud APIs to launch and manage nodes on the blockchain.


Questions?  Talk to us:  Support or sales if you want to discuss your project with our Biz dev team.

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