Getting Started - Setting Up A Private Blockchain With Multiple Nodes


Setting up a private network with multiple nodes takes just a few minutes and a few simple steps.  We've done everything we can to make it as easy and painless for you as possible.

If you're brand new to Blockdaemon, set up an account from the signup link at the top right on our website. Or, click on <pricing> tab at top left. If you're not signed in, when you choose a private node you will automatically be taken to the account signup flow.      






When you're signed up and have chosen private chain you'll get to the launch private chain page where after making a few choices you'll be ready to go.              




  1. Select Blockchain. Ethereum is the platform we offer currently. Highlight this as your choice.
  2. Node name. We'll randomly generate one for you, but you can edit this if you like.
  3. Cloud server. You can select Amazon Web Services, (AWS), Digital Ocean, or Google Cloud.
  4. Location. Choose the location closest to you for maximum speed and efficiency.
  5. Check out. You're almost done. Enter your payment info (CC or crypto - see our FAQ on <payment methods>

 Done and done. After you've completed payment you'll land on your dashboard where you can monitor your connection, add more nodes, invite other folks to join your network and add a node.  Welcome!.    



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