How To Use SDKs On A Stellar Node


Okay, so you spun up a Stellar node. Good plan. Here's some valuable info on what do next, specifically how to employ SDKs.

First things First

Stellar is broken down into multiple parts. There are stellar-core and horizon, which allow you to interact with the testnet or mainnet. Using Horizon can be a bit complicated when doing certain calls like operations, that is why there are some Stellar SDKs that make it easy to use stellar-core. All you will need to use the SDK is the IP of the Blockdaemon Stellar Node.

How to find your Horizon node IP

  1. Login to your Blockdaemon account.
  2. In the dashboard click on the desired Horizon node (See FAQ on spinning up a node if you haven't done so already).
  3. In order to generate an IP for the Horizon node it will first need to reach the Ready status in the network page.
  4. Click the Connect tab.
  5. Your Horizon IP and port will be listed in the IP section.

Available SDKs

  • Java SDK
    • More information coming soon.
  • Ruby SDK
    • You will need to edit your client file to use the Horizon IP and port provided by Blockdaemon
    • file path: 
    • Change HORIZON_MAINNET_URL or HORIZON_TESTNET_URL to use the IP and port provided by Blockdaemon.
  • Python SDK
    • You will need to edit your config file to use the Horizon IP and port provided by Blockdaemon
    • file path: 
      •  ~/py-stellar-base/stellar_base/
      • Change HORIZON_LIVE or HORIZON_TEST to use the IP provided by Blockdaemon.
  • C# SDK
    • More information coming as soon as we have it.
  • JS SDK
    • You will need to provide the Blockdaemon IP when creating your StellarSdk.Server object.

There you go. If you have more questions, please chat with us live on the chat widget anywhere on the site or send an email to  We'll get back to you as quickly as we can. 

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