Your Admin Dashboard


When you launch a public or private node you will have instant access to your admin dashboard for that network. Log in at to see all your nodes.


From this initial dashboard page you'll see, the name, node status, number of nodes in the network, public or private, mainnet or testnet and protocol. Click on the far right (protocol) to advance to the more detailed dashboard page 2. 


From this dashboard page,  you can see and manage the network. As shown in the screenshot, you'll see the network name, CPU load, disk space usage, block height, the number of peers, Cloud server, location, owner, renewal date and an action menu for connecting info as well as a tab for billing info or back to the overview page.

 To the right, you 'll find your decentralization dashboard


This area details decentralization info (mouse over to get info), number of nodes in the network, status and help center links.


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