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Electrum not connecting

SSL certificate mismatch

If Electrum does not connect it could be because of a certificate mismatch between the client and the server. This may occur when attempting to use Electrum to connect to multiple Bitcoin nodes using the same local IP.

Customers use SSH tunnels connect to the personal (non-shared) electrum nodes. Once the tunnel is up customers connect the Electrum client to

The Electrum client then saves the certificate for that local IP. When the customer changes to a different node, Electrum still thinks it's trying to connect to the previous node and uses the previous certificate.

Because of the certificate mismatch, Electrum won't connect (it thinks there is a MITM attack). Electrum does not show any error message to why it cannot connect, your icon in the Electrum client will just stay red.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Stop your Electrum client
  2. Locate the previous node certificate with: ls ~/.electrum/certs/
  3. An entry for should be listed
  4. Delete the certificate from that directory with: rm ~/.electrum/certs/
  5. Start the Electrum client (this assumes you already created an SSH tunnel to the new node)
  6. In the Electrum client under Network make sure you are connecting to using port 50002
  7. The Electrum client should be able to connect to the node now
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