How To Connect A Shared Node To The Bitcoin Public Network Via Electrum



To get connected to your Bitcoin shared node, once your status is showing <running> (green dot)...


...go straight to the Electrum wallet/connection page and download the Electrum package per your platform



* Note you will find that a security authentication token is now included along with the URL in the dashboard. However, Electrum doesn't work with that, so please use only the <> in the Electrum setup wizard. The authorization URL is only needed for dedicated nodes, currently.

Run Electrum and setup your Electrum Network. 




If you already have an Electrum wallet, this will launch your Electrum transaction dashboard. If you do not yet have a wallet the set up the wizard will help you create one in a few easy steps.

The wizard will walk you through the creation of the wallet, setting up a seed and password, and then will launch the wallet where you can send, receive Bitcoin and view transaction history,



On subsequent visits, you will be taken straight to your wallet.


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