Where Should I Locate My Nodes?


Blockdaemon gives you choice during node setup and the best bet is to choose one closest to your geographical location, to fight any latency issues that may arise.  It's physics in action - the further the distance is between you and the server hosting the node(s), the greater the latency. 

What is latency?  No, it's not a British Jazz/rapper.


The latency is the time it takes for a packet of data to move from its origin to its destination. On a conventional highway, this would be similar to a delay caused by stopping at a toll plaza or detour/diversion. The more toll plaza queues or road closures and diversions you have to deal with, the greater the time delay in reaching your destination.

Causes of Latency

When you interact and access your node, you're doing so at the speed of light, through a route of “gateway nodes” or more simply put, “hops”. These are routers with an inherent processing delay.

If you are physically located in San Francisco and have the option of hosting a server on the West Coast of the USA or in Singapore, which server location should you choose? The answer is quite simple. Choose the location closest to you for maximum speed.

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