Can I Trade Bitcoin Currency With Blockdaemon?


Blockdaemon supplies and orchestrates the infrastructure to create and connect a node to the public Bitcoin Core exchange as well as Ethereum Mainet.  So yes, that is a path to sending and receiving currency transactions via Blockdaemon.  But it is not precisely our primary mission and any wallets and accounts you have with Bitcoin or Electrum, MEW, Coinbase, etc... are entirely up to you to manage;  that is outside our scope.

For instance, when you spin up a node to Bitcoin core, you'll connect to it via Electrum,* who's console will allow you to send/receive tokens and manage your transactions.  The tools are all there, but ultimately, responsibility for the financials, saving and storing keys is all on your plate.  

If you lose your public or private key or have any issues with a transaction other than the initial connecting of your node, we can't fix that for you,  We have zero access to any of your transaction history.


*or Mist for Ethereum Mainet

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