Launching A Node On The Aion Network


Launching a node on the Aion network is much like launching any other public Blockchain network and takes just a few minutes.

  1. Click “Launch a Public Node” and you will be taken to the node launch screen.
  2. In the Blockchain selection, click the “Aion” option.
  3. You can choose the mainnet or testnet networks for your node. If you want to use the live production system, choose the mainnet. If you want to work in a testing environment (for example, if you’re developing a DApp), you may want to launch on the testnet.
  4. For the node name, you can use the default machine-generated name or choose something meaningful to you. Names are only unique within your own network.
  5. All cloud providers have been tested and verified as functioning. You may choose any provider you wish. Blockdaemon natively supports multiple clouds to promote network decentralization at the cloud provider level. If you have no preference, you can choose any option.
  6. You can then click “Checkout”.
  7. From the payment screen, choose your preferred payment method.


Trial Period

Aion allows a 60-day free introductory trial. You can further extend this by signing up for Aion’s mailing list on Aion’s website. The trial will be extended within 2 business days. At the end of the trial period, all of your connection instructions will point to your individual node.

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