Using the Titan Suite With Aion


What is the Titan suite? No, not a symphony by Wagner, it's a dev tool for creating dApps and smart contracts for use in the Aion blockchain network.

Things you can do:

Build decentralized applications (dApps) on the AION blockchain with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and (CLI) Command Line Interface. 

  • Compile Solidity smart contracts
  • Deploy contracts
  • Syntax highlighting and linting
  • Run unit tests in Mocha
  • Call functions with GraphQL
  • Interact with any node
  • Unlock accounts




  • yarn add global @titan-suite/cli or npm i -g @titan-suite/cli
  • In your project root, create a titanrc.js file and specify the following:
    • host: the URL of your aion-web3 provider
    • port: the port exposing an aion-web3 instance, usually 8545
    • defaultAccount [optional]: the default address to call functions with
    • password [optional]: the password of this account
   module.exports = {
       "host": "",
       "port": 8545,
       "defaultAccount": "",
       "password": ""



  • titan --help

titan init

Generate an empty Titan project

  • in the current directory: titan init
  • in a new directory: titan init <name>

titan unpack

Start a new project with a pre-built dApp

  • titan unpack
    • choose a pack from the options
  • titan unpack <name>

titan compile

Compile a Solidity smart contract

  • titan compile path/to/contracts/Example.sol
  • Compile a specific contract withing a file
    • titan compile -n SpecificContract path/to/contracts/ManyContracts.sol
  • Output more details about the contract
    • titan compile -d path/to/contracts/Example.sol

titan deploy

Deploy a smart contract to an AION node

  • titan deploy path/to/contracts/Example.sol
  • Deploy a specific contract within a contract file:
    • titan deploy -n Test path/to/contracts/Example.sol
  • Pass parameters:
    • titan deploy -p 5 path/to/contracts/Example.sol The details of the deployed contract will be stored as ./build/bots/<contractName>.json

titan lint

Lint a smart contract

  • titan lint path/to/contracts/Example.sol
  • lint multiple files within a directory
    • titan lint path/to/contracts/**/*.sol

titan test

Run unit tests

  • titan test path/to/contracts/testExample.js

titan unlock

Unlock an account

You may be prompted to enter an AION address and/or password

  • titan unlock
  • with the account specified
    • titan unlock -a <0x..>
  • with both the account and password specified
    • titan unlock -a <0x...> -p <pwd>

titan console

Interact with an AION node with an injected aion-web3 instance

  • titan console


  • Create a titanrc.js as specified above
  • yarn test
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