Connecting To Your Shared GoChain Node


Note:  Both Shared and dedicated nodes are launched from the same page.  If you choose Blockdaemon as your cloud provider, it is a shared node. If you choose AWS or Google  then it is a dedicated node

Connecting to your GoChain node varies slightly depending on whether it's a shared or dedicatednode:


Shared Node connection instructions

Step 1: Select node

Select your GoChain node from your list of available nodes

Once your node is synced and ready, click on the connect tab.


Step 2: Choose connection method / shared

Copy your node's endpoint + authorization token).

There a number of wallets to connect to your shared GoChain node, but the easiest, we believe, is via MetaMask

Connecting to MetaMask with Shared Nodes

Open your MetaMask browser extension, then select the drop-down menu on the upper right (the globe):



Click on Settings:


Enter your RPC URL*  (From your Node dashboard <action menu>connect>


Select Save

You are now connected 


Other ways to connect to GoChain if MetaMask is not your preferred hardware wallet

(Gochain wallet, MyCrypto, Trust Wallet, Turbo Wallet, Mew)





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