Connecting To Your Shared GoChain Node


Note:  Both Shared and individual nodes are launched from the same page.  If you choose Blockdaemon as your cloud provider, it is a shared node. If you choose AWS or Google  then it is an individual/personal node

Connecting to your GoChain node varies slightly depending on whether it's a shared or personal node:


Shared Node connection instructions

Step 1: Select node

Select your GoChainn node from your list of available nodes

Once your node is synced and ready, click on the connect tab in the action menu.

Step 2: Choose connection method / shared

Copy your node's IP address (

There a number of wallets to connect to your shared GoChain node, but the easiest, we believe, is via MetaMask

Connecting to MetaMask with Shared Nodes

In MetaMask extension / app: 

1. Select the drop-down arrow on the top left next to the fox:


   Select Custom RPC 


Enter in Settings the New RPC URL  (


Select Save

You are now connected 


Other ways to connect to GoChain if MetaMask is not your preferred hardware wallet

(Gochain wallet, MyCrypto, Trust Wallet, Turbo Wallet, Mew)





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