How Much Does A Node Cost?


Blockdaemon has an ever-expanding list of protocols to choose from.

To find pricing for Blockdaemon nodes it is necessary to have a Blockdaemon account.  From your dashboard (log in at to view your dashboard) you can choose to explore and launch new nodes of any protocol.  From your dashboard, click on deploy nodes


This will take you to a Page listing all our available self-serve nodes. Blockdaemon assisted nodes (staking) will require you to speak with a sales team member for eligibility and set up.


Choose a node to see the price before checking out. No worries, you don't deploy or get charged until you wish to. When you ARE ready, simply click on the <proceed to check out> button and you'll have your node launched and ready to go within minutes.node_price_2.png


Ubiquity /API

     Tiered pricing  

Why the price jump from Bitcoin and Ethereum public nodes to the other more expensive offerings? 

The price difference reflects what you can do with the nodes and whether or not it is a shared node on a blockdaemon cloud or is a dedicated node utilizing AWS or GCS. The more inexpensive ones are only for currency transactions on public networks and are shared. The price rises when you use a dedicated node to do more complex actions like developing and deploying smart contracts for your business, mining, and other operations above and beyond simple trading.



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