How Much Does A Node Cost?


Getting a node to connect to a public blockchain like Bitcoin or Ethereum is only. $14.99 a month (recurring,) and comes with a 30-day FREE trial.  Our most inexpensive way to get connected to a blockchain network.


Connecting to the Aion Network public blockchain is $249 a month and also comes with a 30-day FREE trial.


We also offer a Stellar personal node at $499 a month


Nodes on a private network are priced at, $249 per month


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Why the price jump from Bitcoin and Ethereum public nodes to the other more expensive offerings?

The prices difference reflects what you can do with the nodes. The more inexpensive ones are only for currency trading on public networks and are shared. The price rises when you wish use a private node to do more complex actions like developing and deploying smart contracts for your business, mining, and other operations above and beyond simple trading.



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