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In the course of interacting with Ethereum, you may find yourself wishing to do more than just exchanging currency.  Smart contracts for every kind of transaction and the privacy and efficiency they provide is poised to become the part of the blockchain movement with the biggest potential impact for world-wide change.  It can be complex, but that is rapidly changing and evolving as well.  

One of the ways to quickly create, test and manage contracts with Ethereum is by using Embark

What is Embark?

Embark is a framework that allows you to easily develop and deploy Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Embark is a fast, easy to use, and powerful developer environment to build and deploy decentralized applications, also known as “DApps”. It integrates with Ethereum blockchains, decentralized storages like IPFSand Swarm, and decentralized communication platforms like Whisper.

Embark’s goal is to make building decentralized applications as easy as possible, by providing all the tools needed and staying extensible at the same time.

Some of Embark’s features, but not all of them, are:

  • Automatic Smart Contract deployment - Embark takes care of deploying your Smart Contracts as well as redeploying them as you make changes to your code.
  • Client development - Build your application with the framework of your choice right within Embark.
  • Testing - Test your applications and Smart Contracts through Web3 in JavaScript
  • Decentralized app distribution - Embark integrates with decentralized storages like IPFS and helps you distribute your app in the network.
  • Peer-to-peer messaging - Send and receive messages via communication protocols like Whisper


Embark has excellent documentation on every phase of the process, here covering everything you'll need to know and more...

General Usage

  • Creating apps
  • Apps structure
  • Running apps
  • Dashboard
  • Environments
  • Configuration

Smart Contracts

  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Solidityimpb


Embark Installation


In order to make Embark work on your computer, we need to have some tools installed first. Make sure you have the following ready and in the correct version:

Once done, go ahead and install Embark.

Creating and deploying your first App  Quick start guide.

You can then run and monitor your contracts from Geth or a wallet application like your Mist browser, the same place you can manage your Ethereum wallet account(s).  Once you've launched Mist and connected to your node you can click on the <Contracts> button on the Mist application UI.

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