Why Do I Need Blockdaemon?


Why Blockdaemon?

That's a great question and one we hear all the time from chat and email interactions.

 The list varies slightly, depending on whether you're an individual or group of individuals who just want to send and receive currency transactions, or an enterprise operation who wants to create DApps and deploy and utilize smart contracts for your business.

The overlapping Venn curves are

  • Ease of use/easy buy-in
  • Simple to understand
  • Point and click from node selection to spin up 

For enterprise, the deeper dive is:

instant spin-up of nodes and smart contract mgt

  • Self-configurable, scalable, secure 
  • We do all the engineering heavy lifting
  • No tying up expensive engineering resources -  for teams that are maybe not super well versed on Blockchain tech. (See #2)
  • We do the maintenance to keep things running...
  • So... Your team can concentrate on building use case/smart contract/DFApps. Necessary for your business
  • Agnostic, muti- cloud, multi-platform, no limits

An example smart contract:

Supply Chain transactional - ongoing or coded to a single instance or ending after a prescribed time period.

A supply chain real-world example


For the individual

  • Easy buy-in for individual wanting to send and receive currency on Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Simplified and easy to understand -  3 clicks and you're connected in a matter of just a few minutes. 
  • No technical know-how needed  - point and click -  Tested!  I used my mom as a lab test subject and she was up and sending me Bitcoin in just a few ticks of the clock.
  • Choice!  We currently offer you a choice of 5 protocols*  (soon to be more!), so you can launch on multiple platforms.

* Ethereum, Bitcoin, Aion, GoChain, Stellar

necessary caveat: Blockdaemon does not create or manage wallets, fund accounts or manage the trading process or your money in any way.  We are the nuts and bolts of getting connected to a network for you. Think of us as the car you rent to drive to any destination you wish, but you must be the one to  put the gas in the tank 

Use cases beyond a simple individual trading scenario:

An investment group or family managing finances together or as a consortium could create an organization and using the same shared node or multiple nodes on different platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Aion, Stellar, which would be easy to manage all in one place and keep track of all group activity.





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