Wallet And Currency Security


Simple tips for keeping your wallets and currency safe

A few simple actions and approaches to keep our cryptocurrency safe.

- Most importantly, the account we use must have a unique password, and not easily guessed.

- Do not equate account passwords associated with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc... with other accounts such as social media, because it is vulnerable to hack.

- Use two-factor or 2FD authentication. Additional security layers are easy to apply. Quite a few apps like Google Authenticator as a 2FD installation provider. In essence, it works as a second security layer after the password. When you've entered a keyword into your account, the system will request a two-factor authentication code. The six-digit code does not need to be memorized because it changes every 30 seconds.  Yes, it takes a few extra moments to log in, but the additional security is worth every single second.

- And one more, do not trust anyone. Suppose we share our Bitcoin account password to Mom or the kid brother, it is not impossible that they could just tell it to someone else, accidentally or otherwise. 

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