Keeping Your Data More Secure And Portable With Kinetic Ledger


Kinetic Ledger: security and portability

The Kinetic Ledger provides a cryptographically secure, truly tamper-evident seal for your data. Data can be securely written to private networks and secured via leading protocols using flexibly permissioned channels to provide any number of independent, single-purpose ledgers. By dynamically moving nodes from cloud to cloud and across protocols, decentralization is at the core of the infrastructure level. Kinetic Ledger, powered by Blockdaemon, is multi-cloud by default supporting Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Quorum.

 Data can be securely written to the Kinetic Leger via easily activated integrations for existing applications, data pipelines, and ERP systems.

Tamper-Evident Seal For Your Records

Enterprises can now easily write, read and validate data through a simple, secure data pipeline. There’s no need to abandon proven systems for risky new implementations that may jeopardize regulatory compliance. A simple setup process takes the pain out of technology choice and chooses the right protocol for your needs. Your data stays as private as your needs may demand — simply snapshotted periodically into other ledgers for truly immutable accountability without the risk of leaking sensitive information due to complex implementations.


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