I Cancelled My Subscription, But Changed My Mind, How Can I Get My Blockdaemon Again?


We're glad you saw the light. 

To restore a node: first, click on your action menu in your dashboard and choose, restore*


Next, confirm that you wish to restore the node:


* The restore function/ability will only be present until the end of the paid-for billing cycle.  

Example: if I have a node paid for till Oct 31, but I cancel today on Oct, 14th then change my mind on the 25, I’ll be able to restore - but if I change my mind on Nov 10th the ability to restore will be gone as the node will not exist after the billing cycle is over with no payment.

Once the billing cycle is over, the node will no longer exist and you will have to spin up a new one. 


For more help restoring your subscription, or help at any time with adding a new node, just call on Blockdaemon Customer service.  --> support@blockdaemon.com or come chat live with us 8 am to 4 pm PST daily and we'll set you up right away.

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