Connecting To Algorand


Step 1: Select a Node
Select your Algorand node from your list of Blockdamon nodes

Step 2: Node Info

Copy the node URL 

(from your dashboard actions menu - lower right in your dashboard, Actions>connect)

Step 3: Read the documentation

The Algorand REST API is available for this node. The most current documentation is available from Algorand here:

How to Utilize teh Algorand Testnet Important Note: The Key Management API is not exposed on this shared node.

You may also access a sample Go SDK for Algorand at: 
You may import this SDK and use it to build applications that explore the Algorand blockchain.

For additional articles, see our Algorand knowledge base.

How to utilize the Algorand Testnet

Step 4: Use the REST API

From a command line, you may use the REST API calls in the Algorand documentation and connect using the following pattern:

curl[your auth token] -H "X-Algo-API-Token: 6a502bc719407612b85e41b4f12c0522941d17d5d9e1c556b1959c065430c1ac"
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