Stellar v10.2.0 released


Stellar v10.2.0 is out.  Here are the changes and improvements

Stability improvements:

  • We now distinguish peers that we’ve never heard of from peers that we have been able to connect to. This should increase the overall quality of peers that are being used by the network.
  • SCP: there was a minor issue in the SCP code (nomination protocol) that could cause excessive timeouts in some cases.
  • archive nodes would sometimes fail to publish, causing retries and delays in publishing new snapshots
  • fix issue where the COMMANDS config was not working properly on startup
  • improved performance when processing failed trades in order book
  • fix crash when starting two stellar-core processes sharing the same buckets folder
  • improved performance and reliability when downloading files during catchup
  • performance: avoid creating too many files in the same folder during catchup
  • performance: avoid forwarding too many messages when peers connect to each other
  • updated to latest asio release

New features:

  • metrics have been simplified and documented
  • added progress meter when catching up (applying bucket)
  • ability to log (debug/trace) transactions and their results
  • SCP status includes delayed validator information to help identify slow validators in quorum
  • new command line format now accepts global switches anywhere (ie before or after sub-command name)



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