Connecting To Your Stellar Shared Node


Connecting to your Stellar Shared node only takes a few steps.

The first thing is to make sure you're synced and ready. When you're showing synced and ready (via your block count ), click on the connect tab in your node dashboard to get started.

Note: With the new Horizon 1.0.0 update, it can take up to  =< 2 hours for a Horizon ledger ID to populate. 


Get your node Info:


 *copy and input the ct url+token from your action>connect menu.

You'll need to connect with the Horizon server.   What is Horizon? 

 Go to the Horizon Reference Overview for libraries to interact with Horizon.


Click on the connect tab to view the Stellar README file

Go to theHorizon Reference Overview for libraries to interact with Horizon.

 Additional Help

For additional articles, see our Stellar knowledgebase for how to connect and use SDKs on your node. (link: ).

More info on working with Horizon for connection and use:

Smart contracts:

How to use Sdk's on a Stellar node:


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