Connecting to Algorand - MainNet


Step 1: Select a Node
Select your Algorand node from your list of Blockdamon nodes

Step 2: Node Info

Copy the node URL 

Copy the Algo API Token:

(from your dashboard actions menu - lower right in your dashboard, Actions>connect)

Step 3: Read the documentation

For participation keys, go to the node's settings in the actions dropdown of the overview tab to generate a new key or upload a registered key. More information on this here. (link: )

The Algorand REST API is available for this node. The most current documentation is available from Algorand here:

You may also access a sample Go SDK for Algorand at: 
You may import this SDK and use it to build applications that explore the Algorand blockchain.

For additional articles, see our Algorand knowledge base.

Step 4: Use the REST API

From a command line, you may use the REST API calls in the Algorand documentation and connect using the following pattern:

curl[your auth token] -H "X-Algo-API-Token: 6a502bc719407612b85e41b4f12c0522941d17d5d9e1c556b1959c065430c1ac"


Step 4, Alt: connecting with Go, Python, or Javascript

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