Generating And Registering a Participation Key - In App


For Participation nodes, a user can easily generate and then register a key for the Algorand network in the Blockdaemon app dashboard in just a few clicks,

The Process:

Key generation:

1.  Got to and log in

2.  Navigate to your Algorand node in your dashboard then to node settings and choose <new key generation>


 If this is your first key, the master list of keys will be empty


Once a user has generated their Participation key it can be quickly registered for use on the Algorand network directly from their Blockdaemon dashboard

Upload a register a signed key:

After generating the signed key (info here) user returns at a later time to the 

  1. User navigates to the node settings page they generated the key for

  2. Select "Register" next to the unregistered key

  3. Choose the file from their computer and select [Upload Transaction]reg_new_key_2.jpg

  4. Once processed, key changes to say "Active Participation Key" with an expiration dateactive_key.jpg

V1: instead of an expiration date, will show block number (roundTo) it expires at

You can have multiple Keys and can manage them in-app:mulit_key_list.jpg






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