Algorand MainNet Key Generation


Algorand early backers who are hosting nodes on the Algorand Testnet will receive step-by-step instructions on how to generate the keys that will be used to take possession of your Algo once the MainNet launches.  This brief tutorial is intended as an overview/outline to supplant the documentation Algorand will supply for key Generation.

What you will achieve​: A step-by-step guide for generating 5 Algorand public/private key pairs a registering them on the Algorand network.


This work needs to be completed prior to spinning up the Algorand nodes via Blockdaemon.

Disclaimer 1:​ As the owner of your keys, you are fully responsible for the secure generation, storage, and general ownership of said keys. Any security suggestions in this guide are only suggestions. We cannot advise for your particular use case.

Disclaimer 2​: The process of generating a key on Algorand is very simple and can be done with a single command, using ​algokey​ or k​ md​, which are packaged with the software provided to run a TestNet node. However, generating a key on a connected device is not recommended when that account is expected to carry significant value. We recommend implementing rigorous security measures to avoid the compromise of your private keys. This provided guide is one example path to do this, but there are different and potentially more secure ways to secure your keys depending on your individual situation. You are encouraged to implement your own, additional security measures. 


Overview - 


1. Obtain the key generation software code by:

Emailing ​​ and asking for the  Key Gen sw/code -  Include [keygen] somewhere in the subject line.

2.  You will receive a response with the following:

  • ●  A key generation software code (used to validate your identity when registering your new keys).

  • ●  A checksum value (a string of alphanumeric characters) that will be used to validate the authenticity of the software you download later.

  • ●  A link to a Github repository that will contain the link to the software installation package.

3.  Download the Key Gen sw, transfer it to a flash drive and run it on a new air-gapped computer to generate your keys.


 Register/validate those keys with Algorand


You can now spin up your Algorand node via Blockdaemon

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