Getting Started - Setting Up Your HLF Network


Setting Up Your HLF Network

The following steps will guide you set up your Hyperledger Fabric network on Blockdaemon. 

Network Requirements:

  • You will need an Orderer node and at least 1 Peer in your network in syncing status
  • All your network information can be found in the Connect tab for your network.


Part 1.  Getting started - Network Setup

  1. Install Hyperledger Fabric Tools on your local machine
  2. Install prerequisites on your local machine
  3. Clone Blockdaemon KB repo
  4. Generate TLSCA public certificate for your network
  5. Enroll CA Admin User
  6. Register and enroll PeerOrg admin user

Part 2.  Creating a channel

  1. Create config file for channel
  2. Generate congitx.yaml file
  3. Copy certificates into directories
  4. Generate channel.txn and anchor-peers.txn files
  5. Copy admin certificate files
  6. Create channel, update channel, join channel

If you follow all the steps above you should see the following on your Hyperledger Fabric network overview page.


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