How To Connect To Your Fabric Node


Connecting to your Hyperledger Fabric mode is a four-step process

Step 1: Select a Node
Dropdown to select the node to connect to

Step 2: Node Info

For orderers:


For peers:


Step 3: Complete your network

Network connect information:

CA Server URL https://ca-server.[bc-xid]
CA username (generated username)
CA password (generated password)
TLSCA name ca-tls-org
OrdererOrg TCA name ca-orderer-org
PeerOrg TCA name ca-peer-org
NetworkID [bc-xid]
Consortium [bc-xid]-Consortium
Orderer Organization [bc-xid]-ordererOrg
Peer Organization [bc-xid]-peerOrg
Peer Network [bc-xid]-Network


The following steps MUST be completed for all NEW Fabric networks.

If you have already completed the steps below, you can move to Step 4 for additional options and knowledge base documentation.

Download the Hyperledger Fabric Tools found here.(link:

After downloading above, follow this link for instructions on bootstrapping the initial PeerOrg admin user which will complete your network setup.

IMPORTANT! Your new Hyperledger Fabric Network will not be up and running until you create an initial PeerOrg admin user.


Step 4: Knowledge Base Resources

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