Bitcoin Lightning Node: What is it?



Rapid payments and Lower fees with Bitcoin Lightning nodes

What is Lightning and what does it do?

As a layer 2 network above Bitcoin, Lightning allows you to open channels for transactions that settle faster.

Additionally, with a focus on micropayments, Bitcoin Lightning nodes allow you to transmit with much lower fees.

Pricing:  $149 per month

what do you get:

     Monitoring,  LND* and RTL** included for maximum control and Utility

          *lightning Network Daemon

          **Ready to  lend

     Optimized performance and specs. 

          Nodes optimized for the Lightning network are designed to get you into action quickly, without overbuilt specs. Easily run multiple channels and gain insight into your node’s behavior. 


          Cloud computing allows Blockdaemon to scale your node, should the demands of the Lightning network demand it


           All nodes require a unique authentication key to access. Calls without it will immediately fail.          Additionally, we have added encryption to RPC calls to ensure data passes through securely, and are not passed in clear text. A custom security proxy also wraps our nodes to prevent malicious and unauthorized use. SSH access is not available on these nodes, which further reduces the surface area for attack.

You get the choice to run a Bitcoin + lightning node or just a standard full node at subscription.




Note: The main difference between our full node and Lightning is basically if you wish to run lightning or not.

Lightning is able to run on a lighter weight node which means it's excellent for low fee micropayments between two parties -- much lower & more reasonable than main Bitcoin network


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