How To Connect To A Bitcoin Lightning Node


Connecting to BTC Lightning Nodes 

 Step 1: After your node finishes launching and syncing*

* note:  This can take a few moments, so please wait till it cycles through, initializing, launching, syncing, and is showing  <Running> <Synced> as its status.  Periodically hit refresh to update the page.

Access the connect page in your app.blockdaemon dashboard by clicking on <connect> in the actions menu


Step 2: Connect page/Node Details


Step 3: Manage your lightning node using the provided RTL dashboard link and the RTL password to access your RTL:


From your dashboard you will be able to:

Create, fund and use your wallet

Connect to peers

Create a channel

Lightning Plugins

Once you've unlocked your wallet you can follow the Secrets link (above) to verify your LND connection info.



Connecting your node to Joule

Visit our Bitcoin Knowledge Base for additional information on your lightning node.


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