How To Connect To A Bitcoin Lightning Node




Connecting to BTC Lightning Nodes 

 Step 1: After your node finishes launching and syncing*

* note:  This can take a few moments, so please wait till it cycles through, initializing, launching, syncing, and is showing  <Running> <Synced> as its status.  Periodically hit refresh to update the page.

Access the connect page in your app.blockdaemon dashboard by clicking on <connect> in the actions menu



Step 2: Connect page/Node Details


Step 3: Manage your lightning node using the provided RTL dashboard link and the RTL password to access your RTL:


From your dashboard you will be able to:

Create, fund and use your wallet

Connect to peers

Create a channel

Lightning Plugins

Once you've unlocked your wallet you can follow the Secrets link (above) to verify your LND connection info.





Step 4: Knowledge Base Resources

Connecting your node to Joule

Visit our Bitcoin Knowledge Base for additional information on your lightning node.

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