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There are a plethora of plugins you can use to augment the use of your lightning node.   

 (Full list at bottom)

The first for our list and our recommendation is the Joule chrome browser extension (also available for Firefox, Opera and Brave)

What can you do with this plugin?

     Send in one Click

Bob-11 and WeBLN paments happen all in the browser, no alt+tab needed.

     Manage channels

Monitor your open channels and check your capacity

     Transaction History

View past payments, deposits, or monitor pending invoices

     Synced Settings

Your connection info and settings are shared between browsers

     Open source

Currently open code that can be audited and extended by anyone

What is NOT included:

Tracking Software

No stats, analytics, or other trackers come with this extension

How to get it?

go to






  Access Joule via an icon in your browser tab



All the info you need for the Joule set up wizard can be found in your secrets LND connection details









More plugins


Bottle uses the Lightning Network and Social networks to help make Bitcoin accessible for everyone.


Autopilot for C-Lightning

The C-Lightning plugin repository received an autopilot plugin that can help users choose one or more channels to open to start sending LN payments. The plugin is based on an earlier PR to the main C-Lightning codebase.


LND Admin

Admin UI for LND. See for an example.


Channel Balancer fore LMD

Control tool for lightning network daemon (end) node operators, optimized for remote control.


Opennode Lightning plugin for Shopify

Opennode released a plugin for Shopify that allows you to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning payments.   More info here:


BTCPay for WooCommerce

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor which allows you to receive payments in Bitcoin and altcoins directly, with no fees, transaction cost or a middleman.  More information and link to plugin:


Opennoede for Wordpress

This plugin allows stores that use WordPress WooCommerce shopping cart system to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin through Lightning Network via OpenNode.     Link to plugin:


Lightning Publisher for WordPress

Lightning Publisher for WordPress is developed by Blockstream and allows you to offer previews of your blog posts and require a Lightning Network payment to release the rest.     The plugin can be downloaded here:

More information and installation instructions are available at


WordPress plugin for managing & using your LND node

LND For WP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage and use your LND node, right from your WordPress administration panel. It provides a fully functional wallet interface, allowing you to send and recieve funds across the Lightning Network with ease.


LNPayment Gateway for OpenCart

A free payment gateway for Bitcoin Lightning Network for store owners who use OpenCart and have their own LN node.


Bitlum Chrome Extension Wallet

Bitlum is a Lightning Network mainnet web wallet. Fast, easy, and without the need to install a node. Setting up only takes 5 minute access.  The wallet referral system will allow you to onboard new people in Lightning within 3 minutes, by giving them a free $0.1 bonus on registration, so that they can try the Lightning Network even without having Bitcoin. 




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