Creating A BTC Lightning Wallet


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You can create, set up and manage your Lightning wallet right from your Node RTL dashboard.

 After your node finishes launching and syncing*

* note:  This can take a few moments, so please wait till it cycles through, initializing, launching, syncing, and is showing  <Running> <Synced> as its status.  Periodically hit refresh to update the page

Access the connect page in your app.blockdaemon dashboard via the connect link in your action menu.


Access the  Node's RTL dashboard via the link on the connect page 


 Enter your RTL password ((you will be prompted for this)

This places you in your node RTL dashboard with your first task being to initialize your lightning wallet 


 Initialize wallet (You will need to set a personal password for your LND Wallet,)

initialize_wallet.jpgNote:  It defaults to <Unlock> as shown above.  Be sure to select <Inialize> during initial set up. 

After completing the password creation,  click <Next>.  In the Cipher section by default you will not need to set a cipher but you can set one by clicking the checkbox. Click <Next>

In the Passphrase section by default you can leave it blank and by clicking the checkbox and the paraphrase will be created for you*.  Click <Initialize Wallet.>

*Please write down your seed phrase and store it in a secure fashion.  This is your only way to restore a wallet should the need arise.


Done and done!  Click on <Go To home> at the bottom right to get to your dashboard home


Now you're really ready to get started using the Lightning Network.   

Connect to peers

Open a channel

Lightning Plugins









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