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Question of the day:

What's your single largest pet peeve/annoyance on the Internet? Is it relentless advertising from a website you've browsed for a grand total of :27 seconds one time before clicking away invading your email, your SM, Twitter feed et al... thinking they will bludgeon you into buying MORE!

That's certainly high on my list, but there is one other thing I find even more frustrating: Account and/or subscription signup forms which do not clearly nor in any way define a password requirement, leaving you to just guess at it and then failing and making you go through the process again, without indication of why you aren't fulfilling these requirements. Raise your hand if you've ever failed enough times without any explanation why and eventually just walked away sad.

I've been in CS for going on 20 years and this has burnt my muffin for as long as I've had the duty of helping people out with signup difficulties.  It is hands down, the most common reason by far for signups failing and endless frustration.

You asked, we answered

Our brilliant, and I don't say that lightly, Blockdaemon product team has not only come up with a solution, but they have also implemented it starting today on the Blockdaemon signup process.

 To wit - When signing up at, you get the usual - choose a username, provide an email address* and a pwd.

But... we go a step further to make it easy and non-frustrating.

We give you an active visual right below the create a password input file you showing you, #1 the pwd requirements and, #2 dynamic progress in fulfilling those requirements, as you type. No more signup failing because you forgot (or didn't know it was required) to add an upper case AND a lower case character.

As soon as every requirement is checked off the <Create Blockdaemon Account> button becomes active and you're good to go.

If you don’t want to create a brand new username/password either, we make it really easy to just utilize your Google or Github credentials.


*Bonus: we do NOT automatically add to a mailing list. We respect you and allow you to opt-in if you want to receive our occasional mailing. However, if you do check that box, you will get some pretty great material and updates to look forward to.

As far as I'm concerned, this makes Blockdaemon top-notch because our users know that we are thinking of them first.


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