Nominating a Kusama validator


This guide will walk you through How To Nominate a Kusama Validator.

Important Notes!

You can bond tokens in under a few minutes, but it takes 28 DAYS to unbond. Choose the amount of KSM you put on reserve and the validator(s) you nominate to wisely. There is nothing Polkadot/Kusama or Blockdaemon can do to speed up the process of unbonding.

You are always in control of your tokens - they never leave your wallet. Blockdaemon has no access or control of your tokens when you choose to nominate our validator. The same is true for any other validator.

Blockdaemon reserves the right to update the commission at any time. You will see updates on the validator site, so you have the chance to make any changes you wish before the session ends.

To nominate on Kusama, you will need KSM. If you have not already done so, you can claim KSM equal to the amount of DOTs you have by going here; or go to the Claim Tokens tab.


Important Note: You cannot claim KSM with testDOTs.

Polkadot UI

We recommend using the (Polkadot UI.)


Be sure you are on the Kusama network. Change the network by selecting the Icon in the top left corner (picture has Polkadot’s logo below), then select Kusama CC2, hosted by either Parity or Web3Foundation.

Important Note: Most of the screenshots in this guide will show nominating with Polkadot Alexander testnet. The same steps apply to Kusama CC2.

Creating or Importing your Account

If you don’t already have it, you can import or create a new account. Go to the Accounts tab and select the option that fits you.


Creating a new account


Important Note: Highly recommend creating a backup - once you do, it will download the JSON automatically. Keep it somewhere safe in case you want to access this account on a different device.


Account is now setup.


You can also create a backup of the account at any time by selecting to download the backup on the account card.


Bond your tokens

Once your account is setup, go to the Staking tab located here, then select Account actions.


For Kusama CC2, the official Kusama user guide recommends having the Stash and Controller accounts as the same. (Below screenshots show different accounts, because that is what Polkadot Alexander requires.)

Value Bonded: Enter the amount you wish to reserve for bonding to validator(s). Make sure you select the correct unit.



Payment Destination: Select the account you wish to have awards go to and what action to take.

BEFORE SELECTING BOND - REMINDER: It takes 28 DAYS for tokens to be unbonded. You do not lose your tokens, but they will be reserved until unbonded.

Double-check everything is correct, then select Bond.  


After selecting Bond, you will see a summary page. If the items are shown in red below, that means the transaction will fail. You may not have enough KSM in the account to cover fees or it would put your balance too low.


If the summary is in white, enter your password, and Sign and Submit.


Once the transaction is complete, you will see the ‘Finalized’ message in the top right corner.


In the Staking tabAccount Actions, you will now see your account bonded amount with options to add Session Key or Nominate.

Session Key is for those who run their own validators. If you are interested in running your own Kusama validator and would like to host it with us, contact us at

Selecting the Validator(s) to Nominate


You can select those listed in the validators column (left) and the next up column (right). 

Validators change each era, depending on performance and amount of stake.


image17.png Shows the validator is selected for the next session.

image15.png Shows the validator is in good standing.

Era points: more points the better the validator performed in the current era.

You can copy the Validator’s address by selecting the polkadot circle.


Blockdaemon Validator

To nominate Blockdaemon’s validator, use this address: Etij9aH36W1NjjWbR7wB5j41CmfpqAx8D4V4HCJhUydSH9Y

You can also find us in the list on the Staking Overview as “Blockdaemon”.


In the Staking tabAccount Actions → select to Nominate.

Enter the address of the validator you wish to nominate. You can nominate multiple at once.

Important Note: you can nominate up to 16 validators. If you have greater than 0.5% of active stake, it is recommended to nominate to multiple validators to gain maximum rewards.

Blockdaemon’s Kusama Validator: Etij9aH36W1NjjWbR7wB5j41CmfpqAx8D4V4HCJhUydSH9Y

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