The Great Celo Stake off


What is the Great Celo Stake-off?

The Great Celo Stake Off is inspired by the many cooking shows and competitions.  Validator “chefs”, full node “servers”, coders of “recipes”, and technical friends are invited to collaborate and compete to earn as many Baklava Testnet Units (“BTUs”) as possible.

Subject to the Stake Off Terms and Conditions, the top 50 teams on the leaderboard will have the opportunity to receive substantial servings of Celo Gold at Mainnet launch. And because there are many ways to participate in the Stake Off, and to contribute to the success of Celo, there are additional ways to receive Mainnet Celo Gold for more bite-sized contributions.

For those interested in running a validator on Celo’s Mainnet, participating in the Stake Off* is a critical step for validator success. Specifically, you’ll:

  • Build operational experience
  • Establish security best practices
  • Receive badges and certifications for your set up
  • Improve Celo and influence its design
  • Earn Celo Gold

*The Great Stake Off will run on Baklava, Celo’s incentivized testnet.

How to get involved

  1. Earn BTUs by running a validator or full node;
  2. Become a Master Validator — Boost your BTUs bypassing the C Labs operational security and infrastructure audit;
  3. Help design, build, improve, and promote — If accumulating BTUs isn’t your thing,, you can participate in the Stake Off through community challenges, security bounties, ecosystem grants, writing documentation, creating educational content, finding security issues, building validator and governance tools, and much more.

Starting in early December, the Stake Off will run in three phases over 2–3 months, with each phase focusing on testing a different part of the network.

All details on the Stake Off can be found on the Baklava Testnet forum here.

Add your name to the list and wait for the doors to open. 

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