Blockdaemon BPM nodes


Blockdaemon BPM nodes

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Blockdaemon nodes, either cloud dedicated or BPM, have their own unique combination of the private and public passphrase, access keys, tokens, and configuration files. Blockdaemon will offer non-custodial backups of all available configuration files by encrypted storage of the files. The config files can be used by other nodes in the same network – cloud dedicated or bpm – to ensure consistent configuration regardless of hosting choice. 


  • All user-configurable elements of a node will be able to be stored
    • YAML files, other config file formats
    • passphrases, tokens, etc
    • relevant keys
  • Backup of configs
    • Backups are encrypted per node
    • Saved locally, to blockdaemon, or both
    • Blockdaemon cannot decrypt
  • Users can store a history of past config files and opt to revert to a prior configuration (premium $$)
  • Nodes can use their own config or draw from other nodes (of the same protocol)
  • Start a new node from a backup

Implementation Details

  • Created on a BPM node
  • Blockdaemon does not have access
  • Backed up encrypted directly to Vault
  • Only the BPM can decrypt configs
  • Store full history of config 
  • Backups used to migrate nodes
  • Blockdaemon is non-custodial of private keys
  • bpm decrypts and passes to blockchain
  • Different method per protocol
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