API Pricing


Pricing Model

Blockdaemon will allow tiered pricing of shared resources and APIs (inclusive of APIs) with overage allowances, to allow pricing stability and predictability.


All plans have overage rates. (Column 5)

Upgrades mid-billing cycle will be prorated

Upgrade Example:

  • January 15, 2020, I sign up for the $9 plan (Quota 1,000,000 calls) and use 500,000 calls on day 1. (no subsequent use)

  • February 15, 2020, I get billed for the next month at $9 (Quota 1,000,000 calls) and use 500,000 calls on day 1 (no subsequent use)

  • March 1 2020 I decide to upgrade to the $99 plan.

    • There are 15 days remaining in the billing period, so I pay a prorated price for the subscription, not the full $99. (For simple math, we will assume 15 = half a month, and the prorated price is $49.50 

    • At the $99 rate I get 12,500,000 calls in my quota, but since my use carries forward, I will get 12,000,000 calls for the remainder of the period. (I get the full amount available to me, but I only pay for the time remaining in the subscription period)

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