API Pricing


Pricing Model For the Data API  (Ubiquity)

Ubiquity will initially roll out as a selective private beta plan so we can monitor use; from which we will finalize a fair and flexible set of use tiers at a variety of pricepoints; an intelligent and logical tiered pricing model.

The API will be free for the selected Beta users during this testing period.

Blockdaemon will allow tiered pricing based on the number of calls allowed, starting with a free starter plan for all.  You can manage your plans directly from the UI:  


All plans except Freemium have overage rates so a usage spike will not shut down your API access and you can upgrade if your use is growing and not a one-time spike.

Upgrades will process immediately and convert to the new plan with the billing cycle beginning on the current day.

Join Us

To join the beta group, contact us for permission, or from the Ubiquity add-on in Marketplace, click on the green <contact us> button,



Further Reading

Ubiquity info in the Blockdaemon marketplace.


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