Keep: the Random Beacon



The Keep Network requires a trusted source of randomness for the process of trustless group election. While the network requires that randomness to function correctly, the source of randomness is itself broadly applicable. This trusted source of randomness takes the form of a BLS Threshold Relay.

The threshold relay is a way of generating verifiable randomness that is resistant to bad actors both in the relay network and on the anchoring blockchain. The basic functioning of the relay (further details are in the section on System Details) is:

  • Some number of groups exist in the relay.

  • An arbitrary seed value vs counts as the first entry in the relay.[1]

  • A request ri is dispatched to the chain for a new entry.

  • The previous entry vs is used to choose a group to produce the response to the request.

  • vs is signed by at least a subset of the chosen group members, and the resulting signature is the entry generated in response to the request. It is published to the anchoring blockchain as the entry vi.

  • The new entry vi may trigger the formation of a new group from the set of all members in the relay.

  • A group expires after a certain amount of time.


Full info and implementation of the Random Beacon

Random Beacon group selection

Distributed Key Generation

Random Beacon signing

Signature Generaton

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