Upgrading Ubiquity


Navigating and Upgrading Ubiquity (the Blockdaemon API)

All Blockdaemon users get a limited amount of  requests a month automatically against the Ubiquity API to try it out. While the calls are limited for the free tier, the feature set is not - all protocols are available at the free tier. If you need more calls or faster rate limits, you can easily upgrade your plan and add more call credits.

Log in to your dashboard

Details on your subscription and node(s) are available in your account dashboard.  You'll find info on your Data API call credits here too, as well as a link to upgrade whenever you need to.



On the left nav in your dashboard, select Ubiquity API  and your dashboard will display all relevant info: % of calls used, calls used current billing cycle, your monthly quota, alerts if you are approaching your quota so you can upgrade if necessary before you hit your limit.

Below that is a link to the upgrade path. The Upgrade to a paid plan link takes you to your account billing page:



  1. Billing info: add or update a credit card for Ubiquity billing (organizations can designate an organization-level billing card)
  2. API billing: manage your Ubiquity tier level (number of calls and monthly charges) 

Click on Manage Subscription to begin the upgrade process.


This final page will show you the details of the plan:

  1. Quota
  2. Rate limit
  3. Overage charge



Click on the green action bar to complete your upgrade


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Question? Talk to support

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