Ethereum 2. What is it?



What is Eth 2 and why does it matter:

Ethereum 2.0, also known as Eth2 or “Serenity”, is an upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain. The upgrade aims to enhance the speed, efficiency, and scalability of the Ethereum network so that it can process more transactions and ease bottlenecks.

While Ethereum 1.0 uses a consensus mechanism known as proof of work (PoW), Ethereum 2.0 will use a proof of stake (PoS) mechanism. Proof of stake (PoS) differs in that instead of miners, transaction validators stake crypto for the right to verify a transaction. These validators are selected to propose a block based on how much crypto they hold, and how long they’ve held it for.

We offer: public validator node to dedicated deployments nodes

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Eth 2 Roadmap


  • Currently: Testnets

  • Deposit contract Open - 11/4/20

  • Mainnet Earliest Date: December 1 2020 12:00 PM UTC

    • 524,288 ETH must be staked or launch delays

  • Est Mid 2021 - Phase 1 Launch, Staking + Read/Write Data - Partition into 64 data shards

  • Est Mid 2022 - Phase 1.5 Launch - Transfers & Smart Contracts - Merger of Eth 1.0/Eth 2.0 - Single Execution Chain

  • Maybe 2023 - Phase 2 Launch - 64 Parallel Execution Chains (shards)


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