Websockets Support for Ethereum Nodes


About websockets:

WebSockets allows websites to update content without having to wait for the user. Unlike other techniques which piggyback on the HTTP protocol, the WebSocket protocol creates an ongoing connection between the user and the web service, allowing information to flow easily between both endpoints.

We’ve provided access to our data API  Ubiquity using a standard HTTP API, and we also support WebSockets connections. 

Eth nodes websockets testing:

  • Can use auth token in header to use websocket endpoint*
  • Can use bearer token in header to use websocket endpoint
  • Can use token as url param to use websocket endpoint 
  • Websocket is using port 8443 and HTTP/1.1

*passing your token in the url**, should look like this*:

**found in your node dashboard


cURL example



Websocket connection via GraphQL examples

Connecting to your node Via Curl 

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