What is Zcash


What is Zcash?

Zcash is a privacy-protecting, digital currency built on the original Bitcoin codebase. Zcash uses advance zero knowledge proof cryptography to offer both transparent and shielded (totally private) transactions to users from both full-node wallets as well as lite clients. This gives users the option to choose what level of privacy they wish to use for each transaction. 


Instant Access to the Zcash network: Zcash is a public blockchain network where you can utilize shielded / transparent transactions. Node syncing takes mere minutes. 

Flexible Configurations Available: Blockdaemon has full nodes available for self-service. Talk to us for self-service timing and pricing. We can also accommodate specific requests including node clusters, load-balanced configurations, globally distributed nodes, and other specialized offerings not available via self-service. 

BlockDaemon Security: We’ve built security into every part of our platform. Authentication keys are required for access, and a custom security proxy wraps every node to prevent malicious and unauthorized use. Blockdaemon does not store private keys, ensuring your nodes never expose them.


Questions: Talk to us 

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