What is a Node Card?


Blockdaemon In-App Node cards (coming soon....)

When you are in your Blockdaemon node dashboard, on occasion you'll get a pop-up message* to make you aware of Blockdaemon-centric vital information.

*In most instances a subsequent email will be sent to the account owner to make sure no one misses vital info and updates.

We will pass info to your pertaining to:

  • Invoices coming due
  • Invoices successfully paid and notated
  • Updates due or nearing
  • Improvements or UI changes to be aware of
  • Serious issues that might affect your node operation like your credit card failing*

*don't worry, our billing system will attempt to run the card three times over a three to four day period - so there is time to correct the error or to contact Blockdaemon support for assistance.

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