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Node card Insights

The “insights” node card strip is a feature that provides analytics and graphical data about your protocol such as Exchange, Network, and Exchange information.

Blockdaemon has partnered with IntoTheBlock to provide you a select preview* of Financial, Exchange, and Network insights through the node card at no additional cost to you.

*The full version of IntoTheBlock provides approximately 70 key indicators per protocol, with over 800 crypto assets supported.

For more insights, please visit  for deep analytics on Financial, Exchange, Network, Ownership, Social, and Derivative information and more.

Insights List

  • Price 
    • The Price indicator tracks the mid-price of your asset(s) among exchanges on any given day.
  • Bulls and Bears
    • This indicator tracks the number of addresses that either purchased or sold more than 1% of the total amount of volume traded on a given day.
  • Average Balance
    • The Average Balance indicator calculates the mean value an address holds for a particular crypto-asset. IntoTheBlock measures this by dividing the market cap over the total number of addresses with this asset.
  • Average token time held
    • This indicator simply calculates the average holding period for a crypto-asset. This is calculated by averaging all addresses’ holding times for addresses before they sell. 
  • Number of transactions
    • As the name suggests, this indicator displays the number of transactions for a particular crypto-asset on a given day. This data is based on what is shown in the blockchain. 
  • Transaction Volume
    • The Transactions Volume indicator measures the aggregate volume of transactions recorded on-chain. This version of the indicator tracks the volume in crypto terms --> USD instead of BTC. 
  • Onchain Market Depth
    • Market depth to display the order books’ buy vs sell orders
  • Trades per side
    • The Trades per Side indicator is an advanced order book metric.
  • Total Flows
    • IntoTheBlock uses machine learning algorithms to identify centralized exchanges’ deposit and withdrawal addresses. Through this process, IntoTheBlock measures the total activity of centralized exchanges.

Example Insights:




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