Fireblocks: DOT Staking Initiation


DOT Staking Initiation

 Here is an overview of the process: 

  1. Inform Fireblocks the amount to delegate  
  2. NDAX to create a wallet account on the Fireblocks platform and inform Fireblocks of the amount to be bonded for staking; also inform Fireblocks of the wallet to be used for staking
  3. Fireblocks will set up the Stash and Controller accounts for NDAX
  4. Fireblocks will set Blockdaemon as Proxy to the Controller account associated with NDAX
  5. Blockdaemon will nominate the bonded tokens via Proxy for NDAX
  6. Blockdaemon will confirm with Fireblocks and NDAX when the nomination is active


If you'd like to walk through the process in more detail, or have questions of any kind, please ask Blockdaemon Customer service..

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